Music: Sing-a-long ~ “God, You’re so Good!” (originally Passion Music) with “Crazy lil’ Sal”

God You’re So Good (Mar21st18)

God, You’re So Good // Passion // New Song Cafe

God, You’re So Good

“God, You’re So Good
Amazing love

That welcomes me

The kindness of mercy

That bought with blood, wholeheartedly

My soul undeserving

God, You’re so good

God, You’re so good

God, You’re so good

You’re so good to me

Behold the cross

Age to age

And hour by hour

The dead are raised, this sinner saved

The work of Your power

I am blessed, I am called

I am healed, I am whole

I am saved in Jesus’ name

Highly favored, anointed

Filled with Your power

For the glory of Jesus’ name

And should this life

Bring suffering

Lord, I will remember

What Calvary has bought for me

Both now and forever

Good News Praise & Worship


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