Music: Parody-“My Favorite Blessings” by Crazy lil’ Sal

“My Favorite Things” by Crazy lil’ Sal

What are your favorite blessings? We all have them. Sometimes we don’t think much of it as a blessing until it’s gone (e.g. love ones). I would’ve listed other “blessings” (e.g. life overall, spiritual/natural gifts, talents, skills, people, health, answered prayers, etc..) on my song, but I had to make it fit (fast cars, which I really don’t have 😦 However, blessed to just have a vehicle despite I prefer riding my bicycle more-saves gas and great exercise!) with the lyrics. My actual favorite blessings are the gifts my Heavenly Father has given to me, which isn’t always “material” form. What are some of yours? How are you using it to “bless” others “less fortunate” or in “need”?

Good News Thankful


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