Music: New Song-“Failure to Communicate”

“What we got here is a failure to communicate…”

What we got here is a failure to communicate…why?

What do we got to do to make it all right?

Good News Peace…

Origins of this song:

I wrote this song as an inspiration from one of my favorite 80’s rock band “Gun N’ Roses” song “Civil War”..

Guns N’ Roses – Civil War with Lyrics

Failure to Communicate

I was reminded the beginning of this song after my frustrations with the fights/disputes I see at home (e.g. marriage couples), community (e.g. false rumors/gossip talk), nation (e.g. politics), and world (e.g. wars). Many of them are due to “misunderstanding” and “miscommunication”, which we then give the devil (Satan) a “foothold” when we are offended and not able to forgive 😦

Social Issues

Abortion vs. Pro-life

Christian Street Evangelists Met With Anger, Spat on at Women’s March on Washington By Samuel Smith , CP Reporter
Jan 22, 2017 | 8:51 AM
“…What we have is a polarization of what we consider to be right-Christian doctrine and Christian representation and people should know that there are divergent ways to read and interpret Scripture but also to walk a Christian life,” Hamilton told CP. “I don’t think we always have to be in agreement with each other but we do need to open a dialogue for continued conversation and respect for opposing views and willingness to challenge those when necessary.”..

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