Music: New Song-“Jehovah Rapha”


Published on Sep 30, 2014

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Origins of this song title:

I’m working my way up from recent to start of song titles that has been coming up to me since a local conference on “prophetic worship”.

This song came to me while riding my bike from work on Monday, September 29th 2014. I started praying for some friends that needed healing and then these words were laid in my heart to sing it…””Jehovah the Healer….heal me now..heal me know (Gospel) as I wrote on my song list. I should’ve recorded myself singing it as it was in a “gospel version”, which I might remember it again and I’ll make a different version. Since this was my 1st song, I didn’t really spend too much time on “editing” as I like to just come up with these videos “naturally” for the first time. I know I miss-read some of the bible verses and played some off-tune. I just want to keep making new videos and I’ll “perfect” them later on. I want to show the progress hopefully as I do more songs after this. Thanks for listening and feel free to share any feedback. Please pray for me as I’ve been led the past month on “new songs”. Feel free to contact me on facebook and add me as I would love to share notes (personal private albums) from this conference and other music related projects that are on-going. God bless! Shalom!

Need healing or you know anyone that needs prayer for “healing”? Feel free to share your prayer request down below for others to pray together, so you’ll not feel alone on this “healing” prayer request. Feel free to share your testimony or story on how you’ve been healed to encourage others too…

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