Music: “Star Wars” movie theme (whistling)

Star Wars Movie Theme (whistling)

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John Williams Conducts The Main Theme From Star Wars from
John Williams – Star Wars Main Theme. The Force Awakens Tribute Performance 스타 워즈

“Published on Oct 1, 2014

Andrzej Kucybała /Darth Vader/ – conductor,
Stanisław Moniuszko School of Music Symphony Orchestra in Bielsko Biała, Poland, winner of Polish Nationwide Music Schools’ Symphonic Orchestras Competition 2013 & 2015
La Folle Journee de Varsovie 2014 – Szalone Dni Muzyki w Warszawie “Ameryka”,
recorded in Teatr Wielki /Grand Theatre/, Warsaw, 28 september 2014″

Of all the movies in the series, what’s your favorite one? Why? Any spoke to you about your life overall (e.g. “dark side”)?

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