Music: Parody-“I am Not Alone” (“You are not alone” by Michael Jackson)

"I"m Not Alone" (Parody to "You Are Not Alone" by M.J.") by "Lil Sal"

“I”m Not Alone” (Parody to “You Are Not Alone” by M.J.”) by “Lil Sal”

"I"m Not Alone" (Parody to "You Are Not Alone" by M.J.") by "Lil Sal" from gooodnews everybodycom on Vimeo.

Origins: I did this parody after just started singing part of this song to a “friend” in a hospice condition (see story). I decided to change the words to fit the circumstances and to encourage others (e.g. those in a hospice, hospital, prison, or any place they are afraid and “feel alone”).

My intention is NOT to copy or belittle the original song by my favorite pop singer of all time. I’m hoping this will also be a somewhat tribute to him too.
Please see the lyrics and original song!

Feel free to share any thoughts, comments, stories, etc.. on anything related to the content above. May we all be encouraged that “we are not alone” during those seasons or times we might feel that way.

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