Music: Parody-“We Are Going to Make it” (“We’re Not Going to Take it” by Twisted Sisters)

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

“We Are Going to Make it” (Parody to We’re Not Going to Take it by ) by Sal

Origins: I just started singing the lyrics for this parody several days while at work. I can’t remember where I was exactly, but I started singing these lyrics as a way to “not give-up” in the daily challenges in life. I decided to share some pics of the various challenges (e.g. house projects-plumbing) I’ve faced and some fun clips of different sports (e.g. current Minnesota Twins race for the “Wild Card”) that shows the need for perseverance (e.g. current personal bike challenge).

What are some of your past challenges you have overcame? Feel free to share stories to encourage others that might be going through some life difficulties. If you have any personal obstacles that you would like prayer, feel free to share for others to pray for you. YOU are not alone in this! “We are going to make it…together!”

Good News Everybody


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