Music: Tips for singers with “dry” throats?


Sick Of Singing With Vocal Strain? Learn How To Make Singing As Easy As Talking
“What Causes Vocal Strain?

In most cases, vocal tension is caused by bad singing technique. Once we learn how to sing with good technique, all of these vocal tension problems will disappear. Every note in our singing range should be accesses easily and freely, with no tension at all….

The first step to reducing muscle tension is quite simple and obvious, although many people overlook this simple practice. Warm up the voice before singing. This is a MUST if you want to sing at your best, and purest tone.

Singing in a way, is just like playing sports. We use certain muscles to get the desired results. Just like running, singing requires the appropriate muscles to be warmed up. It’s gets the blood flowing, and the muscles functioning more efficiently…

Sore Throat Relief for Singers and Vocalists (in fact anyone who is serious about keeping a healthy voice)
“….Warm-up your voice before you start. You wouldn’t see an athlete tearing around the track without warming up their body first, so offer your voice the same consideration. It doesn’t take much effort.

• Start with a few deep, controlled breaths, followed by some humming.

• Hum your favourite song, if scales are not your thing.

• Use your voice to make a squeaky door being opened sound (use the ee sound to slide up and down your vocal range).

• Move onto singing some of your gentler songs, before you start tackling the belters.

• Also know your limits. Don’t try to sing too high, or too low until you are warmed up enough. Start at a comfortable range and extend from there….

….A few tips to help you recover from a sore throat:

1. REST!!

2. Drink plenty of Water.

3. Avoid Tea, Coffee, Cream & Alcohol

4. Take Vitamin C tablets or eat fruits/ vegetables rich in Vitamin C to aid your body’s natural defences. Hot Lemon & Honey or Blackcurrant both contain vitamin C and anti-viral properties and fresh ginger has natural anti-inflammatory properties – grate a little ginger and add it to hot water, sweeten with honey

The Health Benefits of HoneyWhether against sore throats, infected wounds, or upset digestion, the health benefits of honey have been demonstrated time and time again.By Nancy EischenFebruary/March 1999

if required….

Singing tips -How to deal with dryness of the throat

The Songbird Tree Kerri Ho
“Published on Sep 10, 2013

Singing tips -How to deal with dryness of the throat

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For those who have been asking “what do i do when my throat is dry?”, here are four valuable tips for you:

#1. Drink lots of water, continuously throughout the day, and room temperature water.
#2. Medicated honey lemon water.
#3. Steam.
#4. Natural throat sprays.

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*Tips and Guidelines
for Vocal Health Products

By Scott Rabb
Make Your Own Vocal Spray for Singers! from
“Published on Oct 19, 2012

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Do you have any other tips?

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