Music: Parody- “Today is Going to be a Good Day”..just got that feeling ;)


"Today is Going to be a Good Day"..just got that feeling 😉 by Sal (Oct. 13th 2014) from Sal Monteagudo on Vimeo.

Copyrights go to Black Eyed Peas..

The Black Eyed Peas – I Gotta Feeling
Blacked Eyed Peas – I gotta feeling (karaoke)

You ever feel like work is getting boring or you’ve lost the motivation to continue to go to work? Need a different perspective or outlook in life on what your purpose in life is?

Feel free to share you thoughts about your job and if you feel you are using your “God-given” gifts, talents, and skills? Are you doing what your “called” to do in life?

Good News Everybody

Song’s message: We all gifts and talents that God has each given us that we can use

Origins of this song:

I’ve been meaning to write this years ago after singing a parody version during work as I was trying to make it a positive day. I don’t use the same lyrics as the original pertained more to my specific job, which my co-workers thought it was funny. I decided to write this after getting inspired at a recent conference (“Storm the Planet”

Original Pic


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