Poem: “Gratitude to…”

http://nationaldaycalendar.com/calendar-at-a-glance/april/National Poem In Your Pocket Day – Last Thursday in April http://nationaldaycalendar.com/days-2/national-poem-in-your-pocket-day-april-18/NATIONAL POEM IN YOUR POCKET DAYNational Poem In Your Pocket Day is celebrated on the last Thursday in April. This day was created to share the joy that poems bring by carrying one in your pocket and sharing it throughout the day with others. Parks, libraries, schools, workplaces and bookstores will have events celebrating this day. It has been known that librarians have distributed poems to local hospitals, shop owners have handed out books of short poems to shoppers and food vendors have put poems in lunch sacks. http://www.poets.org/national-poetry-month/poem-your-pocket-day)CELEBRATENational Poem In Your Pocket Day is the perfect day to share your poem on Social Media using #PoemInYouPocketDay.HISTORYNational Poem In Your Pocket Day is an “unofficial” holiday, but has been celebrated as part of National Poetry Month since 2002. The Office of the New York Mayor, along with the New York City Departments of Cultural Affairs and Education, initiated the annual city-wide Poem In Your Pocket Day. The Academy of American Poets took Poem In Your Pocket Day national in 2008.For more information on National Poem In Your Pocket Day visit http://www.poets.org/national-poetry-month/poem-your-pocket-day

After reading this poem many years later, I have no idea what was going in my high school mind when writing this. Overall, I’m just grateful that I found this and that we all have that gratitude for the many blessings (big or small) we have in life. Don’t take it for granted!

What personally spoke to you after read this poem I wrote above? What are you grateful for?

Good News Thankful


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